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Mary has a dirty little secret.
She collects naughty children’s books!

Do you have a recommendation for Mary’s book collection?
Please send her a photo of a naughty children’s book including a photo of at least one harmful passage!
Name the library or school district where the book was found.
These could be books pornographic in nature, obscene, or harmful to children – or simply inappropriate for the age in which it was intended.

Mary was born after the DEFEAT of Senate Bill 288. SB288 was written to remove the OBSCENITY EXEMPTION LOOPHOLE that allows Indiana school districts and libraries to provide harmful materials to minors. Our Indiana State Teachers Association, American Federation of Teachers, Indiana Association of School Principals, Indiana School Boards Association, Indiana Library Federation, & Carmel Clay Public Library testified AGAINST SB288. They prefer to protect themselves over little eyes.

Mary’s goal is simple. She doesn’t believe in banning books or burning books for private use. But, she loves to collect naughty books for her collection to keep them out of public children’s libraries where little eyes could accidentally find them when Mommy isn’t looking. Mary plans to send her dirty little collection to Indiana Lawmakers as evidence of the need to hold school libraries to a higher standard of decency and excellence.

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