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© Judith A. Reisman, PhD, Pres. The Reisman Institute, August 10, 2020
Rhonda Miller, Pres. Purple for Parents Indiana

In 1932 communist W.Z. Foster predicted the destruction of America’s “education, morality, ethics,
science, art, patriotism, religion” was necessary to establish a “New World Order.” 1 America’s social,
economic, and sexual stability rested on Judeo-Christian beliefs and laws − abstinence before and
faithfulness during consensual heterosexual marriage. Her national health and wealth testified to the
success of this normal biopsychological sexual model. From 1941, when America entered WWII, the
Rockefeller Foundation (RF) began funding the work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who would have been known to
RF as a sadomasochistic bi/homosexual. RF backing ensured Kinsey’s 1948 book, Sexual Behavior in the
Human Male instant popularity; “the Kinsey scale” codified “fluid sexuality” for the future, ensuring his
enduring international fame. RF connected Kinsey with a wider network of RF-funded scientists. From
c.1946 Kinsey partnered with RF’s Columbia-Greystone Brain Project at New York’s “Snake Pit,” Rockland
Mental Hospital. The results of Kinsey’s studies of sexual responses of lobotomized patients, are sanitized
in Kinsey’s 1953 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. This paper provides new evidence that the
2,034 infants and children sexually violated for Kinsey’s globe-changing “scientific proof” of infant/child
orgasm were sourced from these and similar entities. 82% of Kinsey’s child sex experiments are a match
with the “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” used on terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay. Since
Kinsey’s definition of “orgasm” involves symptomatology indistinguishable from epileptic fit,
terror/distress and/or electric shock treatment, the physiological responses he declared as child
“orgasm”, were true trauma responses. This is a newly uncovered Kinsey fraud represented as “science”
by his RF funders. Very far from the organic “shock” of a scientific break-through advertised, this paper
argues that Kinsey’s sex work served as part of a broader psyops,2
as rationale for thorough social change.
As recently as 2020, RF claimed credit for “funding a sexual revolution” via the “Kinsey Reports.” From
1954 Congressional efforts to investigate Kinsey’s sex work and the causal connection between
pornography and ever-rising levels of child sexual abuse have been successfully blocked. Those acting in
Rockefeller interests have prevented Kinsey’s exposure while promoting his conclusions. From 1953,
Hefner, “Kinsey’s pamphleteer” marketed RF/Kinsey’s lies to young college men via Playboy. The sexual
restraint of previous generations–responsible for building America–were reframed as a web of
hypocritical lies; premarital, extramarital, meaningless, love-free sex glamorised; and a generation, with
Hefner its guru, embraced cynicism about human relationships, nihilism and rejection of all received
wisdom. The 1955 RF-funded Model Penal Code (MPC), drafted by RF’s approved team, citing Kinsey,
would over-turn prior sex laws, including obscenity laws by 1957, and trivialized sexual abuse. In 1964,
the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), funded by Playboy, and
based at the Kinsey Institute, taught schools to disparage chastity, heterosexuality and monogamy. Soon,
with “obscenity exemptions” allowed for “education” K-12 instructed in exotic sexual behaviors. Evergreater upticks in child rape, pornography and deadly STDs have, predictably, followed. In 2014, the Kinsey
Institute (KI) won United Nations consultative status for “educational” materials which aimed at overriding the most basic instinct for self-preservation in children of all ages, effectively preparing them to cooperate with RF’s social change agenda. Since 2019 the KI’s App., the “Kinsey Reporter”, solicited “citizen
scientists” (of any age) to record/report all sex acts/crimes anonymously. Congressional investigation of a
criminal nexus of RF, KI, Big Pharma, Big Porn, Big Abort and “sexual health” providers and educators, past
and present, is critically needed to halt the damage these entities inflicted on three successive generations
in their obsession for a New World Order.

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