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Debbie DeGroff became interested in the subject of children’s books when her oldest child began to read. While perusing the then current literature of the eighties, she noted the contrast between those books and the books she had read as a child. Upon reading more, curiosity then shifted to concern. This spawned a lifetime of research and a resounding cry for parents to look into their children’s books. In the last thirty plus years, she has read thousands of children and young adult books in their entirety and is esteemed to be a leading authority on the subject.

This book is available through Debbie DeGroff’s website and as an ebook on Amazon Kindle.

The subject of Children’s Literature affects everyone. It includes the issue of literacy. Once one is truly literate, what one reads makes a huge difference. We are told that reading books about being kind or about not being a bully will help us to be kind and not be a bully. However, the numerous books condoning every vice known to man are supposed to leave the children unscathed.

No one would argue that the ideals that made this country great have been eroded. Individualism and patriotism have become the unpardonable sins.

If God is mentioned at all in these books, He has become a she who is inside everyone and everything, connecting the divinity in us all.

These ideas came from somewhere. Perhaps we need to start looking BETWEEN THE COVERS.

Here are some of the questions that are answered in this book:

  • What were children reading in 1900?
  • What’s a “controlled” vocabulary?
  • What do reading levels really mean?
  • Is profanity used in young adult books?
  • What are books for “reluctant readers?”
  • What are adult books for teens?
  • How are books used to create youth activists?
  • What is censorship and who are the censors?
  • How is Christianity portrayed in children’s books?
  • Are book descriptions and reviews reliable?